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lexicology meaning

Synonyms of "lexicology""lexicology" in a sentence
  • Noun: lexicology  `leksu'kólujee
    1. The branch of linguistics that studies the lexical component of language

    Derived forms: lexicologies

    See also: lexicologist

    Type of: linguistics, philology

    Encyclopedia: Lexicology

  • An introduction to and comments on english lexicology
  • Analysis of lexicology characteristics of english translation rules in traditional chinese medical literature
  • The difference and mutual complement in the study of vocabulary and the meaning of words between exegetics and modern lexicology
  • In studying english lexicology, the terms about the morphological structure and word-formation often confuse us
  • Only by making clear distinction among their relationships, can a sound foundation about learning lexicology as well as linguistics be made
  • Established some courses such as chinese studied, the history of chinese language, phonology, lexicology, sociolinguistics for the graduate students
  • Another branch of lexicology, together with lexicography is phraseology.
  • Words as units in the lexicon are the subject matter of lexicology.
  • The work on computational lexicology quickly led to efforts in two additional directions.
  • He specializes in Biblical philology, historical lexicology and the philosophy of language.
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