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leger meaning

Synonyms of "leger""leger" in a sentence
  • Ledger lines or leger lines are short horizontal lines used to indicate notes that lie above or below the stave
  • Similarly, the following sql statement revokes the insert privilege on a view called adm . legers from a group called
  • You know Gide once said nothing was more stupid than Leger.
  • Curragh, Ireland _ horse racing, Irish St . Leger.
  • The St Leger is the final leg of the English Oaks.
  • Coaches like Michel Boucher, Tony Zappia, and Dave Leger.
  • The race attracted a strong international field including St Leger ).
  • Later that year, Cantelo won the St . Leger Stakes.
  • St . Leger's main force arrived the next day,
  • Hermit was then rested before being trained for the St Leger.
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