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ledger board meaning

Synonyms of "ledger board""ledger board" in a sentence
  • Noun: ledger board  lejer bord
    1. Top rail of a fence or balustrade

    Derived forms: ledger boards

    Type of: rail

    Part of: rail, railing

  • [Architecture]

    A ribbon strip.


    One of a number of horizontal boards, joined by vertical supports, as in a fence.

  • How can I fasten the ledger board to the concrete?
  • An easy way to bridge the gap is by sandwiching together two ledger boards.
  • A more serious problem occurs at the ledger board, which is the joist bolted to the house.
  • To get the shingles level, nail a level ledger board in the position of the second course.
  • Can I put the ledger board, the timber that holds the joists, directly against the wall shingles?
  • A . Avoid that at all costs, because a ledger board directly against shingles is a sure way of getting decay along that board.
  • Q . I am building a deck with the ledger board set up against a concrete foundation, about 2 1 / 2 feeet down from the top of the foundation.
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