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ledged meaning

"ledged" in a sentence
  • adjective
  • A ledged and braced door is between the two rooms.
  • This doorway consists of two large sliding timber ledged-and-braced doors.
  • The double semicircular header bond arched opening holds two ledged batten doors that open out.
  • The extension accommodates two entrances, both housing pairs of ledged and braced timber doors.
  • The hillsides are shallowly underlain by ledged stone, of which shattered fragments are everywhere exposed.
  • Rear access is via a wooden ledged and braced door at the southwestern end of the rear elevation.
  • Centred in the north-eastern bay ( Bay 3 ) is a large ledged and braced sliding door.
  • Sandesh of Oneindia says, "'Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam'is a full-ledged comedy and family entertainer.
  • There are three ledged mini-walls at a depth of some 5-20 metres, and numerous small underwater caves.
  • Eleven original large timber braced-and-ledged vertical sliding doors remain to these openings providing access to the dock within.
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