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ledged door meaning

"ledged door" in a sentence
  • Bay 3 contains a large, central, sliding ledged and braced door with a braced and ledged door adjacent to the north.
  • A small ledged entry door is located on the north elevation and a pair of large ledged doors opens to the street to the south.
  • The entry door from the south porch is a boarded and ledged door with a lancet head, and still furnishing its original bolt and rimlock.
  • The opening at the southern end has a pair of ledged doors, while the other two openings have been altered with infill panels and later doors.
  • Wide entry doors consisting of two pairs of hinged ledged doors with strap hinges open out from the main volume to the street which is accessed via a wide driveway.
  • Three shuttered windows are located on the east elevation while an awning window and a small ledged door is located on the west elevation where a timber-framed lean-to roof has been added.
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