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ledge rock meaning

"ledge rock" in a sentence
  • Premium habitats are fast, big-boulder, pocket-water runs and deep pools over broken ledge rock.
  • There are foot paths through dense mountain laurel throughout the Pine Ledge rock climbing area as access to the more remote cliff edges.
  • The cost of an in-ground pool can rise if you have abnormal ground conditions, such as ledge rock or large boulders to dig out,
  • Vineyards within the pending AVA include Ledge Rock Hill Winery, Northern Cross Vineyard, Altamont Winery, Hummingbird Hills Winery, Amorici Vineyard, Capoccia Wines, Natural Selection, South Dominion, Pellegrino's and Schnau Estates to name a few.
  • The fireplace hearth in the living room integrates boulders found on the site and upon which the house was built  ledge rock which protrudes up to a foot through the living room floor was left in place to demonstrably link the outside with the inside.
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