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lean back meaning

Synonyms of "lean back""lean back" in a sentence
  • Verb: lean back
    1. Move the upper body backwards and down
      - recline

    Derived forms: leaning back, leans back, leant back

    Type of: angle, lean, slant, tilt, tip

  • [American slang]
    to recline backwards, pressing on someone or something.
      Don't lean back on me! I'm not a chair!
      Lean back on the couch and tell me what you are thinking.

  • [Economics]
    A period of cautious inaction by a government agency or regulator before intervening in a market. For example, a central bank might allow a lean-back period to elapse to allow exchange rates to stabilize, before intervening in the foreign-exchange market.
  • Reaching for pillows, she propped them behind, so that he could lean back.
  • Take off your shoes, don't fight, lean back
  • lean back, relax, and listen to the story
  • lean back . this doesn't hurt, does it?
  • lean back, man . move back . work, legs
  • If you get a litter spook aroud here at night . lean back ground, put a few lights on
  • Don't run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet
  • lean back with your hands behind your head while seated, giving a feeling of boredom or superiority
  • lean back against the wave-shaped wooden wall and enjoy the stories and lighting effects
  • Her shoulders shook and she seemed to lean back on Bruck.
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