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lean against meaning

Synonyms of "lean against""lean against" in a sentence
  • She saw him go pale and lean against the young oaks.
  • Hey, lupus, don't lean against that door, bud, all right
  • When you lean against the table to take a shot
  • Don not lean against the door and thank you for your cooperation
  • Do not lean against walls or counter
  • A shotgun leans against the table
  • Mr heathcliff advanced, and lifted him to lean against a ridge of turf
  • I think i will fall, thus i lean against on the desk in order to hold up oneself
  • On the west huzhou leans against the tianmu mountains while on the north it faces the taihu lake
  • Goes to mother, drops cat, and leans against her . looks up at her . she turns him around.
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