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leal meaning

Synonyms of "leal""leal" in a sentence
  • Sharon leal as marylin sudor, the music teacher most of the male students want to sleep with
  • leal, who spoke about his country's latest economic developments including investment and trade
  • Mr . mario leal, mexican consul-general attended the commissioning ceremony held today ( 8 february ) and delivered a speech
  • They " are never rounded, " says Leal.
  • Humberto Leal Valenzuela, a radio announcer, told the crowd.
  • Antonio DaMotta Leal, an interior and product designer, said.
  • Johnson then hit Leal a second time, forcing home Redfox.
  • Jorge Leal, Correa's assistant, summed it up.
  • Board members include Evans and Leal, the Unification Church minister.
  • So far, no caravan has been attacked, Leal said.
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