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lace with meaning

"lace with" in a sentence
  • 1. lace sth with sth usually passive to put alcohol or a drug into someone's food or drink, especially secretly:
    Staff found more food in the kitchen which had been laced with the same poison.
    a thermos of coffee laced with brandy
    SIMILAR TO: spike
    2. be laced with sth if something is laced with a particular quality, it contains some of it all the way through:
    Leigh's play is heavily laced with irony.
    The whole history of the Orient Express is laced with an air of romance and mystery.
  • The name evokes a shadowy terror laced with whispered details too gruesome to be believed.
  • Young people often like a lemon drink laced with beer
  • He had a glass of milk which laced with rum
  • Claims of gender equality are laced with contradictions
  • The princess's coat was of red silk laced with gold thread
  • His uniform is laced with gold
  • lace with beadwork handmade lace
  • The best treatment for a cold is black coffee liberally laced with rum
  • The many tiers of her dress are embellished with lovely lace with a huge bow in the back
  • The tadpole-looking feature in the center of this image is a nodule of cold hydrogen gas laced with dust
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