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knife edge meaning

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Noun: knife-edge    nIf ej A narrow boundary "he lived on a knife-edge between genius and insanity" Noun: knife edge    nIf ej The sharp cut...
knife-edge diffraction
[Electronics] The lessening of atmospheric signal attenuation when the signal passes over a sharp obstacle and is diffracted.
Noun: knife (knives)   nIf Edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle  A weapon with a handle and blade with a sharp ...
Noun: edge    ej The boundary of a surface - border   A line determining the limits of an area - boundary , bound   A sharp side formed by the intersection ...
edge by
[American slang] to move carefully past someone or something.    Try to edge by the portly gentleman carefully. He is very grumpy about being bumped.    Edge by as ...
edge in
Verb: edge in Push one's way into (a space) - edge up Derived forms: edged in, edges in, edging in See also: edge Type of: approach , come near , come on , draw cl...
edge in on
[American slang] v. phr. 1. To gradually approach an individual or a group with the intent of taking over or wielding power. Jack was edging in on the firm of Smith and Brown and after...
edge on
[American slang] adv. phr. Edgewise; with the narrow side forward. The board struck him edge on.
on edge
Adjective: on edge Tense, nervous or irritable ; [American idiom] nervous. • I have really been on edge lately. • Why are you so on edge? ; [American slang] 1. Lit. on s...
on the edge
[American slang] Fig. very anxious and about to become distraught; on the verge of becoming irrational. (Typically: be ~; live ~. See also on edge .)    After the horrible ev...
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