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kiln meaning

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  • Noun: kiln  kiln
    1. A furnace for firing or burning or drying such things as porcelain or bricks

    Derived forms: kilns

    Type of: furnace

    Encyclopedia: Kiln Kiln, MS Kiln, Mississippi

  • [Architecture]

    A furnace, oven, or heated enclosure used: (a) for burning or firing brick and tile; (b) for drying timber.


  • The kiln had been in use for some time and was not in good condition.
  • In many kilns the air flow can be reversed in order to reduce these differences.
  • Maerz ofenbau ag the world leader in lime kilns
  • Natural style charcoal kilns-tesaki seisakusyo
  • Mechanized shaft kiln internal water charging technology
  • I thought porcelain kiln must be very big
  • Maerz ofenbau ag the world leader in lime kilns maerz company
  • For reactive dolomite maerz proposes the maerz pfr-kiln,
  • Breakaway of main drive motor of kiln and the measure
  • Tunnel drying kiln combustion and temperature control
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