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killing time meaning

"killing time" in a sentence

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  • noun (Scot hist)
      The days of the persecution of the Covenanters in the 17c


  • You're killing time and you're trained for nothing.
  • Marcus : nothing much, i'm just killing time
  • It's almost killing time, and i better get sharp
  • It's almost killing time . and i'd better get sharp
  • Just killing time . you want to spar
  • Cis : just killing time . you wanna spar
  • What is life, what \'s the use if you \'re killing time-
  • As far as i am concerned, video game always seems better for killing time
  • It was only ten by the clock, and this was a way of killing time
  • I hope they can offer me something to do, for killing time is too bitter
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