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kill probability meaning

"kill probability" in a sentence

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  • [Defence]
    (*) A measure of the probability of destroying a target.


  • Just look at the us amraam missile , it has over a 90 % kill probability from 50km
  • By the 3d simulation of the missile trajectory, the evaluation index, such as the kill probability, the hit precision can be obtained
  • Some directly effects and relationships of the relative system errors of the system are analyzed to determine its kill probability
  • The system's combined kill probability is 0 . 96 to 0 . 99.
  • Multiple PAD and AAD interceptors can be launched against a target for high kill probability.
  • It can also decide the number of interceptors required for the target for an assured kill probability.
  • Kill probability against larger propeller driven aircraft like the AN-12 was estimated at 0 . 43.
  • The 9K22 is reported to have a kill probability of 0 . 6 with missiles ( 9M311 ).
  • "The cumulative kill probability of these systems would provide a nearly leakproof defense, " says Urias.
  • In total 452 Sidewinders were fired during the Vietnam War, resulting in a kill probability of 0 . 18.
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