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kill oneself meaning

"kill oneself" in a sentence
  • To kill oneself is just as forbidden as it is to commit murder . this is why suicide bombing is never justifiable
  • Anthony discusses the desire to kill oneself that is perceived to be a revelation from God.
  • Poirot points out that drinking hydrochloric acid is an incredibly painful and bizarre way to kill oneself.
  • Yet throughout the country, state laws draw a line between the right to passively refuse or deny treatment and the right to actively kill oneself.
  • The Supreme Court joined most states in drawing a line between the right to passively refuse treatment, which is permitted, and the right to actively kill oneself.
  • Possible manifestations of emotional dysregulation include angry outbursts or behavior outbursts such as destroying or throwing objects, aggression towards self or others, and threats to kill oneself.
  • House asks Wilson to leave the room, saying, " You have lied to the cops enough for me . " House then lays out ways to kill oneself that would keep the heart intact to Gabe.
  • :: A person may find it less objectionable to admit to having urges to kill oneself than to admit to having urges to kill another person . talk ) 22 : 23, 5 December 2012 ( UTC)
  • His possible suicide carried an extra jolt for some students, sources say : Okrent had mused to classmates about how to kill oneself with a knife, a remark that could leave other young people wondering if they should have read a sign of despair.
  • Suicide gesture and suicidal desire ( a vague wish for death without any actual intent to kill oneself ) are potentially self-injurious behaviors that a person may use to attain some other ends, like to seek help, punish others, or to receive attention.
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