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kauai meaning

"kauai" in a sentence
  • Attend a luau ( feast ) at one of the resorts to see the dances and hear legends of kauai
  • Instead they intend to find ascending vegetables at the many farmers markets held each week upon kauai
  • Archaeologists speculate that the first “ tourists ” to hawaii landed on kauai perhaps as early as 500 a . d
  • Educational displays of the artifacts and contemporary crafts of the native hawaiians can be found at the kauai museum
  • kauai , hawaii , is a wonderful place for your honeymoon trip , and is blessed with an abundance of tropical beauty and sandy beaches
  • And such is the magic of Kauai that I believed her.
  • The scenery ( Kauai, Hawaii ) is exotic and grand.
  • HANALEI COLONY RESORT : Ha'ena, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Cloud cover over western Kauai had canceled two weekend takeoff attempts.
  • It was expected to land Tuesday on the island of Kauai.
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