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kauai island meaning

"kauai island" in a sentence
  • The family later moved to a remote valley on Kauai island.
  • Six days later he arrived to Kauai island.
  • For information, contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Kauai Island Chapter, at ( 808 ) 245-3971.
  • It was suspected to be in retaliation for ordering patients suspected of leprosy to exile in Kauai island and was appointed special prosecutor.
  • The state record is 38 inches on Jan . 25, 1956, on Kauai Island, said National Weather Service forecaster Roy Matsuda.
  • He invested in a small sugarcane Kauai island with Charles Reed Bishop and William Little Lee, but it failed due to uneven rainfall.
  • Baldwin took advantage of the lower land prices and built an irrigation project on Kauai island called the Hanapepe ditch for the Hawaiian Sugar Company.
  • On April 6, 1824 in Hanalei Bay, on the northern coast of Kauai island " Haaheo o Hawaii " ran the aground on a shallow reef.
  • Plans called for the dog to be placed in mandatory quarantine on Kauai Island, where a smaller facility will allow staff to give it more attention, the Hawaiian Humane Society said.
  • For information, contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Kauai Island Ch-NYT COMMENTARY : THE CHARISMA CHASM ( JT ) By RUSSELL BAKER c . 1996 N . Y . Times News Service
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