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journalese meaning

Synonyms of "journalese""journalese" in a sentence
  • Analyzing the examples of journalese faulty formulation
  • The characteristics of language and english translation in journalese
  • Why didn't Journalese spring to my mind as it should have?
  • :Are you referring to the journalese / headlinese of traditional newspaper headline writers?
  • The signification of the arch pause with an er or an um is rampant in journalese.
  • The tone of journalese, he writes, " is the tone of contrived excitement ."
  • The related term journalese is sometimes used, usually pejoratively, to refer to news-style writing.
  • I often think of these utilitarian vessels and want to label them Journalese, Sportscasterese, Educationese and Reviewerese.
  • That's journalese for " I'm afraid of being made a fool of ."
  • These experiences contributed to her treatise on journalism in New Zealand, " Journalese ", published in 1934.
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