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journal box meaning

Synonyms of "journal box""journal box" in a sentence
  • Noun: journal box  jurnul bóks
    1. Metal housing for a journal bearing

    Derived forms: journal boxes

    Type of: housing

    Encyclopedia: Journal box

  • Specification for press-fitting of journal box-free bearings for freight cars
  • Connected journal box
  • An axle or journal box, as on a railway car, that has become overheated by excessive friction
  • While we wait, the brakemen walk back and forth under the passenger windows checking the journal boxes with their flashlights.
  • There wouldn't be Wall Street Journal boxes in the grocery store parking lot if there weren't bags of money nearby.
  • F A 9 also differed from the standard rebuilds in that its trailing truck had outside journal boxes instead of the internal type used on the other engines.
  • Enthusiasts were able to identify these different types of bogies by their design characteristics-for example, the x-6002 bogies had a prominent journal box and were made of steel bar sections.
  • The reason is the slow rate of repairs resulting from shortage of necessary supplies as lumber, steel, asbestos packing and lagging, cotton waist for journal boxes, oil pads and spare parts of all kind.
  • The bogies, in turn, not having to sustain the engines'weight, were redesigned by taking inspiration from those of the first electrical railway motor cars : they featured journal boxes on the external part of the frame, a main leaf-spring design.
  • This would eventually lead to the axle fracturing and the car above falling onto the wheel, or failure of the taper journal, causing the side frame and journal box to fall below the level of the rails, either of which could cause a major derailment of the train.
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