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journal bearing meaning

Synonyms of "journal bearing""journal bearing" in a sentence
  • Noun: journal bearing  'jurnul 'behring
    1. The bearing of a journal

    Type of: bearing

    Encyclopedia: Journal bearing

  • Study on nonlinear oil film force of journal bearing
  • Nonlinear film-force of journal bearing
  • Pedestal plain journal bearings of z series for electrical machines
  • Nonlinear dynamical behaviors of a finite journal bearing-rotor system
  • Research on behavior of the-grooved hybrid journal bearings
  • Theoretical investigation on a novel hydrodynamic journal bearing
  • Numerical study of journal bearings with electrorheological lubricants
  • The design of a testing stand for aerostatic journal bearings
  • Standard specification for car and tender journal bearings, lined
  • New structure of shaft sleeve fixture in big whole journal bearing
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