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joule meaning

Synonyms of "joule""joule" in a sentence
  • Noun: joule  jool
    1. A unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second
      - J, watt second
    Noun: Joule  jool
    1. English physicist who established the mechanical theory of heat and discovered the first law of thermodynamics (1818-1889)
      - James Prescott Joule

    Sounds like: jewel

    Derived forms: joules

    Type of: energy unit, heat unit, physicist, work unit

    Encyclopedia: Joule

  • [Architecture]

    A unit of energy or work; equals the work done by a force of 1 newton which acts over a distance of 1 metre in the direction of the force.

  • [Electronics]
    Abbreviation, J. The SI unit of work. One joule is the work performed when the point of application of one newton is moved one meter in the direction of the applied force. Also see NEWTON.

  • [Medicine]
    n : a unit of work or energy equal to the work done by a force of one newton acting through a distance of one meter Joule James Prescott (1818-1889) British physicist. Joule is famous for his experiments on heat. In a series of investigations he demonstrated that heat is a form of energy (regardless of the substance that is heated) and later determined quantitatively the amount of mechanical and electrical energy expended in the generation of heat energy. In 1843 he published his value for the amount of work required to produce a unit of heat, now known as the mechanical equivalent of heat. He established the principle that various forms of energy — mechanical, electrical, and heat — are basically the same and are interchangeable. This principle forms the basis of conservation of energy. The joule unit of work or energy was named in his honor in 1882.

  • [Oil and gas]
    Unit of measurement. The work done when a force of 1 newton is applied to an object, displacing it through a distance of 1 metre in the direction of force.
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  • We could instead emulate james joule and increase the temperature solely by doing work on the water.
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