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joule effect meaning

"joule effect" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    1. The heat resulting from current flowing through a resistance.
  • The effect eventually became known as the Gough Joule effect.
  • With the present method, the Joule effect only slightly affects the phenomenon under consideration.
  • However flickerings, brightenings, small explosions, bright points, flares and mass eruptions are observed very frequently, especially in Joule effect, or any of several non-thermal plasma effects.
  • The Joule effect causes the temperature of the wire to rise to approximately 400 �C . This temperature is affected by the rotational speed of the pulleys, the ambient temperature, and the voltage applied.
  • Local production has no electricity transmission losses on long distance power lines or energy losses from the Joule effect in transformers where in general 8-15 % of the energy is lost ( see also cost of electricity by source ).
  • The collaboration lasted from 1852 to 1856, its discoveries including the Joule Thomson effect, sometimes called the Kelvin Joule effect, and the published results did much to bring about general acceptance of Joule's work and the kinetic theory.
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