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joual meaning

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  • /zhoo-alˈ or -älˈ/ (Can)
      A non-standard, chiefly urban, variety of Canadian French
      ORIGIN: Appar from the pronunciation of Fr cheval horse in this dialect


  • The end result is the word transcribed as " joual ".
  • It was one of the first artistic uses of the street language called joual.
  • It transformed the old guard of Canadian theatre and introduced joual to the mainstream.
  • Following the " Les Belles sSurs, " written in Qu�b�cois joual.
  • The vowel is not diphthongized by some speakers, and is only diphthongized in Joual.
  • Laurendeau is known for having popularized the word " " joual " ".
  • His lyrics, often written in joual, are funny, relying upon plays on words.
  • "Joual " shares many features with modern O�l languages, such as koin� of Paris.
  • Another outstanding characteristic of " Joual " is the use of profanity called sacre in everyday speech.
  • He also criticized the poor quality of the French language in Quebec, which he called " joual ".
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