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jotter meaning

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  • Noun: jotter  jótu(r)
    1. A small notebook for rough notes

    Derived forms: jotters

    See also: jot

    Type of: notebook

    Encyclopedia: Jotter


  • Best jotter, the patron saint of the notebook
  • Nicolas code supports the synchronization of the address book, calendar, and jotter applications
  • I know, jotter is too general now, custom is paid no attention to commonly, need not declare at customs later
  • Find out how it works at www . jotter . com.
  • Here's an idea : Jotter ( at ) Your Service.
  • Jotters are now imprinted with " Made in France ".
  • Jotters from India are commonly found for sale on eBay.
  • A number of Jotter barrels have a marbleized appearance.
  • The me-toos include the Bay Area's Spedia, ClickRebates and Jotter.
  • The so-called " girl's " Jotter was a smaller version of the original.
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