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jots meaning

"jots" in a sentence

Meaningmobile phoneMobile

  • [Defence]
    Joint Operational Tactical System


  • I do n't care one jot or one tittle of what he says.
  • Once you jot down the numbers of the books you are interested in, you are ready to find them on the shelves.
  • The world situation matters not a jot or tittle to you
  • I could jot down on a yearly birthday card
  • Let me jot down your phone number before you leave
  • Did you jot down his telephone number
  • I keep this notepad so that i can just jot down some shit
  • I don't care a jot for their feelings
  • There's not a jot of truth in his story
  • I'll just jot down their phone number before i forget it
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