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jota meaning

"jota" in a sentence

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  • /hhōˈtä/
      A Spanish dance in triple time
      ORIGIN: Sp


  • All the people aboard the plane were Angolan, Jota said.
  • It is named after jota a Spanish dance in triple time.
  • It was directed by Jota Aronak and produced by Bajo Cero.
  • Navarre and jota is also known in both Navarre and La Rioja.
  • JOTI Radio is now part of the annual JOTA-JOTI weekend.
  • The Jota is played instrumentally, danced, and sung.
  • The Laverda Jota model ran from 1976 through to 1982.
  • Aston Martin's Jota Sport won the GT4 category.
  • La Jota 1996 Napa Valley " Howell"
  • Around a Celtic circle, Nu�ez with his bagpipe directed the galician jota.
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