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jackscrew meaning

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  • Noun: jackscrew  'jak`skroo
    1. Screw-operated jack
      - screw jack

    Derived forms: jackscrews

    Type of: jack

    Encyclopedia: Jackscrew

  • [Architecture]

    A jack in which a screw is used for lifting; carries a plate which bears on the load.


  • _Airborne Express, 75 planes : Two jackscrews needing lubrication.
  • _American Airlines, 284 planes : One jackscrew lacked lubricant.
  • Airlines replaced jackscrew devices in the tail sections of 18 aircraft.
  • Crash investigators later concluded the jackscrew mechanism jammed soon after takeoff.
  • Flight 261's jackscrew was found, damaged, on Wednesday.
  • Airlines had reported finding jackscrew problems in 22 planes by midday Sunday.
  • The airlines said they wanted to check a component called a jackscrew.
  • Carriers should check the jackscrew assemblies at their convenience, Boeing said.
  • Spokespeople for Northwest and Delta Air Lines also reported residue on jackscrews.
  • TWA, 131 planes, one with metal shavings, jackscrew replaced.
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