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into the ground meaning

"into the ground" in a sentence
  • To the point of exhaustion
  • You will run this hotel into the ground.
  • The gun discharged into the ground.
  • The remainder sinks into the ground.
  • I felt inclined to sink into the ground with shame!
  • As it fell, the bit was driven deeper and deeper into the ground.
  • Unable to afford a new car, we had to run the old one into the ground.
  • There is no way we can know exactly why the megalith builders set the big stones into the ground.
  • As we have already noted, the movement of water into the ground is part of the hydrologic cycle.
  • If meteoric water does not evaporate or run overland, it may seep directly into the ground.
  • Water that reaches the land as rain, snow, sleet, or hail may evaporate, run off, or soak into the ground.
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