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into the bargain meaning

Synonyms of "into the bargain""into the bargain" in a sentence

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  • Adverb: into the bargain
    1. In addition; over and above what is expected
      - in the bargain


  • He gave me 30 dollars into the bargain.
  • She lost money and went hurt into the bargain.
  • She was a distinguished scientist; and a gifted painter into the bargain.
  • She was indeed trifling with fire and perhaps social disgrace into the bargain.
  • He even threw into the bargain some of his pots
  • The innovation increases efficiency and saves electricity into the bargain
  • 2it was a very cold night and then, into the bargain, it began to rain
  • My mother always ran late and was dangerously forgetful into the bargain
  • I was about desperate to lose that much blunt, and be hanged into the bargain
  • She was a distinguished scientist and a gifted painter into the bargain
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