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into being meaning

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  • [American slang]
    into existence.
      The new law brought more problems into being.
      That idea came into being centuries ago.


  • The treaty came into being in 1960.
  • In the east dozens of cities sprang into being.
  • The european common market came into being in 1958 ...
  • Thus the first worker 's league came into being ..
  • Magazines come into being to voice the new sentiments in the air.
  • Magazines came into being to voice the new sentiments in the air.
  • With such aids, the poetry of carl sandburg came into being.
  • New stars continued to come into being from the gas clouds of the disk.
  • The autumn harvest uprising brought into being the workers and peasants' armed forces.
  • The irish free state came into being as a british dominion in 1922.
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