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intermediary meaning

[ ˌintə'mi:diəri ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "intermediary""intermediary" in a sentence
  • Noun: intermediary  `intu(r)'meedee`uree
    1. A negotiator who acts as a link between parties
      - mediator, go-between, intermediator, intercessor

    Derived forms: intermediaries

    Type of: negotiant, negotiator, treater

    Encyclopedia: Intermediary

  • [Business]
    AmE / noun [C] (plural intermediaries)


    a person or an organization that helps other people or organizations who are unable or unwilling to deal with each other directly to reach an agreement:

    The company acts as an intermediary between buyers and growers.

    Internet sites such as eBay allow people to do business directly with one another rather than through an intermediary.


    intermediary adjective:

    a small intermediary company

    an intermediary role

  • [Economics]
    Any person or organization that acts as an agent, (see agency), facilitator, or broker between the parties to a transaction.

    See also:

    financial intermediary, independent intermediary.

  • [Finance]
    See: Financial intermediary

  • [Medicine]
    n pl -ar·ies
    1 : MEDIATOR
    2 : an intermediate form, product, or stage — intermediary adj
  • She recognized the absurdity of dealing with them through intermediaries.
  • He would deliberate and then issue instructions in writing or through intermediaries.
  • Now, a living language has been found that can play the same intermediary role more successfully.
  • Unless saving and investment are done in kind, a financial intermediary must link saver and investor.
  • Any person abruptly starved shows alterations in intermediary metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.
  • Substances conveying plant resistance to insects include inorganics, primary and intermediary metabolites and secondary substances.
  • As a result, the small company was quietly acquired through an intermediary law firm, the vendors were unaware of whom the lawyers represented.
  • Accredited cpd seminars for insurance intermediaries
  • So the website can link partial intermediary only
  • How do i propagate this through intermediaries
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