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infarct meaning

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  • Noun: infarct  in'faa(r)kt
    1. Localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply
      - infarction

    Derived forms: infarcts

    Type of: pathology

    Encyclopedia: Infarct

  • [Medicine]
    n : an area of necrosis in a tissue or organ resulting from obstruction of the local circulation by a thrombus or embolus


  • At the right are seen several infarcts of the liver
  • The term includes multi-infarct dementia
  • An analysis of death associated with multi-infarct dementia
  • There are subcapsular yellow-tan infarcts
  • The infarcts are usually small but cumulative in their effect
  • If the blood supply is not quickly restored, the bowel will infarct
  • Studies on correlation of anticardiolipin antibodies and multi-infarct dementia
  • The clinical survey on the changes of serum sodium of acute brain infarct
  • Application of new activation method of eeg beam at the brain infarct convalescence
  • Effect of yizhi capsule on the intelligence of patient with multi-infarct dementia
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