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ineptitude meaning

Synonyms of "ineptitude""ineptitude" in a sentence
  • It is a prose style with all the ineptitudes filed away.
  • History testifies to the ineptitude of coalitions in waging war.
  • The man is a living monument to ineptitude
  • The doctor chimed in, " i don't know, but i've never seen such ineptitude!
  • The main reason for delay seems to be the inexperience or ineptitude of local officials
  • Perhaps sensing my ineptitude, the program generated a second shooter who appeared on my display as a flickering soldier
  • The grousing turned to malicious laughter as “ governor blanco's road home programme ” became a synonym for official ineptitude
  • But their ineptitude from the field finally caught up with them.
  • It's just that the Sox outdid him in ineptitude.
  • The Devils won despite their remarkable ineptitude with the man advantage.
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