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industry analyst meaning

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  • Noun: industry analyst
    1. An analyst of conditions affecting a particular industry

    Derived forms: industry analysts

    Type of: analyst

    Encyclopedia: Industry analyst


  • Find out what leading industry analysts are saying about adobe solutions and technology
  • But industry analysts told us that the marketplace perceived eclipse as an ibm-controlled effort
  • However, an industry analyst says the full extent of damage to generating facilities is still unknown
  • Pointing to earlier smaller studies, industry analysts and doctors beliee angioplasties will be on the losing end
  • According to industry analysts, the 30 billion global hard drive industry is expected to ship 445 million units in 2006
  • Although the new stents are designed to be safer and more effective, industry analysts don't expect a quick turnaround
  • Some industry analysts foresee over $ 50 billion in new investment by 2015, much of it in brazil, china and indonesia
  • As vice president of corporate communications for adobe, kevin burr oversees worldwide public relations, internal communications and industry analyst relations
  • Industry analysts said the deal offers strategic benefits for both companies.
  • Steel industry analysts were optimistic about the prospects for the venture.
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