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industriously meaning

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  • Adverb: industriously  in'dústreeuslee
    1. In an industrious manner
      "they hoed up weeds industriously all morning"

    See also: industrious


  • He industriously engages in unostentatious hard work ...
  • She was industriously getting rid of the subject as they returned.
  • She had to destroy all the hopes which she had been so industriously feeding.
  • She was always in the same place, always bent industriously over a piece of work.
  • Has it not been industriously circulated by yourself
  • Has it not been industriously circulated by yourselves
  • Chef's moral character is cooking industriously . cooking with heart and soul
  • The pronoun of upscale product in follow under the idea hair industriously cultivate of the business enterprise will become the wet goods market
  • The original patent industriously excluded from its scope a continuous band.
  • Skirving was eccentric, and did not pursue his art industriously.
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