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industrially meaning

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  • Adverb: industrially  `in'dústreeulee
    1. By industrial means
      "industrially produced"

    See also: industrial


  • Barium as barite(barium sulfate)is used industrially as a white pigment for paint.
  • Barium as barite (barium sulfate)is used industrially as a white pigment for paint.
  • The united states was the richest and industrially the most powerful nation in the world when it went to war with spain in 1898.
  • About 40 dividing wall columns ( dwc ) have been applied industrially
  • It is ironic that the more serious problems emanate from the more industrially advanced societies
  • Coatings for radiators-part 1 : terms, requirements and tests for primers and industrially applied priming coats
  • Coatings for radiators-part 2 : terms, requirements and tests for finishing paints and industrially applied finishing coats
  • The experts noted that several countries have begun to take action to reduce or eliminate industrially produced trans fats
  • In those countries which are but little developed, industrially and commercially, these two classes still vegetate side by side with the rising bourgeoisie
  • Theoretical analysis of first-order isothermal consecutive diffusion reactions in industrially porous catalyst particles with fractional geometry symmetry model
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