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individual with disabilities meaning

"individual with disabilities" in a sentence

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  • [Law]
    Any individual who is considered to have a disability or handicap for the purposes of any Federal law other than this chapter or for the purposes of the law of the State in which the individual resides; and who is or would be enabled by assistive technology devices or assistive technology services to maintain a level of functioning or to achieve a greater level of functioning in any major life activity. USC 29


  • individuals with disabilities often encountered difficulties in computer access and thus affected their ability to perform web browsing
  • The application notes listed here provide more complete documentation on ways to customize windows and windows nt for individuals with disabilities
  • For an article on customizing windows for individuals with disabilities, go to the microsoft products section of the web site
  • Still others appreciate or require rooms designed for individuals with disabilities.
  • Ruh trains individuals with disabilities so that they may find employment.
  • It targets physicians, families, and individuals with disabilities.
  • This is an issue common in some individuals with disabilities.
  • Some individuals with disabilities would be unable to work in these conditions.
  • Sexual abuse is less likely to be reported by individuals with disabilities.
  • He focused mainly upon charities working with individuals with disabilities.
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