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includible meaning

"includible" in a sentence
  • or includˈible adjective
  • Child support is neither deductible to the payer nor includible as income to the recipient.
  • The includible income ( often determined net of expenses ) generally includes income received by the CFC:
  • The opinion had struck down to the extent that the statute purported to categorize compensatory damages for emotional distress and loss of reputation as being includible in gross income for Federal income tax purposes.
  • Section 1272 ( a ) of the tax code requires that the Original Issue Discount is includible in the lender's taxable income at the end of each tax year, or part of the tax year if the loan was not owned for the full year.
  • In " Southern Pacific Company v . Lowe ", the Supreme Court ruled that where a shareholder receives a dividend representing earnings of a corporation realized by the corporation prior to January 1, 1913, the dividend is not includible in the gross income of the shareholder for purposes of the Federal Income Tax Act of 1913, Ch . 16, 38 Stat . 114 ( Oct . 3, 1913 ).
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