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in the poorhouse meaning

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  • [American slang]
    1. Lit. in a (historical) communal dwelling for impoverished persons. (Typically: live ~; end up ~.)
      He couldn't pay his debts and had to live in the poorhouse.
    2. Fig. in a state of poverty. (Typically: live ~; end up ~.)
      If I lose my job, we'll end up in the poorhouse.


  • But they don't have to put you in the poorhouse.
  • My father said I was trying to put him in the poorhouse.
  • That such people could wind up in the poorhouse doesn't confound experts.
  • He spent his last years in the poorhouse of the Reformed Church in Store Kongensgade.
  • Don't expect Suharto's children and cronies to end up in the poorhouse.
  • Joe begins to spend money and she tells him he'll end up in the poorhouse.
  • Some married royalty and some died in the poorhouse, but all lived by their wits and talent.
  • It caused great debate in Sweden about social security, which led to changes in the poorhouse laws.
  • We thought we were just going to be in the poorhouse with that kind of a drop in our income,
  • William McBeath died on Sunday 15 July 1917 aged 61, he had spent his last seven years in the poorhouse.
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