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in ruins meaning

"in ruins" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    in a state of destruction. (Typically: be ~; lay ~; leave something ~.)
      The enemy army left the cities they attacked in ruins.
      The crops laid in ruins after the f lood.
  • An earthquake left the whole town in ruins.
  • The city is now in ruins.
  • I cannot conceive of such a thing as genoa in ruins.
  • A city is laid in ruins.
  • They saw by the light of the moon that part of the city lay in ruins.
  • She sat, cool and unmoved, with her lifework falling in ruins about her.
  • When young henry came out of the navy to join his grandfather's company, it was in ruins.
  • Was some damn newspaper, concerned only with printing a sensational one-day story, about to lay in ruins all his work and dreams?
  • The whole city lay in ruins after the earthquake
  • Presumption begins in ignorance and ends in ruin
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