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in round figures meaning

"in round figures" in a sentence
  • [American idiom]
    as an estimated number; a figure that has been rounded off.
    Please tell me in round numbers what it'll cost.
    I don't need the exact amount. Just give it to me in round figures.

  • [American slang]
    Go to in round numbers.
  • According to your estimate, what's the maximum annual turnover you can fulfil in round figures of course
  • In later life, he tended to give his age only in round figures.
  • When you burn a barrel of oil you get ( in round figures ) 400kg of CO2 gas.
  • In round figures therefore, about 42 % of British Crees were living in England, 1 % in Wales and 57 % in Scotland.
  • The dimensions of the building ( in round figures ) are : from east to west; from north to south; from the Strand level to the tip of the fleche.
  • "The new logo does have a component of it which is the driving ( force ) of a very susbtantial marketing program, worth in round figures about a billion dollars in turnover, " he said.
  • The financial consequences of the venture were even more depressing : in round figures the total expenditure on the railway, after all adjustments had been made, amounted to �865, 000, or approximately �45, 000 for each mile of track.
  • The withdrawal of wine on permit from bonded warehouses for sacramental purposes amounted in round figures to 2, 139, 000 gallons in the fiscal year 1922; 2, 503, 500 gallons in 1923; and 2, 944, 700 gallons in 1924.
  • In round figures, the daily fresh food consumption by Hong Kong s population of more than six million is 890 tonnes of rice, 1, 700 tonnes of vegetables, 5, 910 head of pigs, 120 head of cattle and 170 tonnes of poultry.
  • In the process it produces 28 MJ / kg of energy-so if coal-fired power stations were 100 % efficient ( which they most certainly aren't ) then in round figures, it would produce about 7 MWhrs per ton of CO2 emitted.
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