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in reverse meaning

"in reverse" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    adj. or adv. phr. In a backward direction; backward. John hit the tree behind him when he put the car in reverse without looking first. The first of the year Bob did well in school but then he started moving in reverse.
  • A refrigerator may be considered to be a heat engine operated in reverse.
  • During burn-out or closing down of engine operation, these same steps must be taken in reverse order.
  • Array elements are in reverse chronological order
  • Migrating down calls the down methods in reverse order
  • Returns a character expression in reverse order
  • A . five, four in reverse and one forward
  • This is a choke point in reverse engineering
  • So, if you just do that, it's in reverse
  • Reassemble remaining parts in reverse order
  • Nobody around . he puts the car in reverse ..
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