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in remission meaning

"in remission" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    [of a serious disease] not worsening or progressing.
      While the disease was in remission, John got to leave the hospital.
      The doctor said my cancer was in remission.
  • He is in remission and has no illness or symptoms
  • Today i think she s a teenager in very good health, completely in remission
  • Rehabilitation guide of 32 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cases in remission stage
  • The treatments seemed to be successful, and we were all relieved to learn that her cancer was in remission
  • Clinical study on effect of acupoint sticking of xiaochuangao in dog-days in preventing and treating asthma in remission stage
  • Compared to ten years ago, when crime was in remission across america, the current diagnosis is complex and worrying
  • Anita daniels-galletti : so many stage 4 cancers, people that have been in hospice that have rebounded and are now in remission
  • The cancer has been in remission since the surgery and chemotherapy.
  • His disease was in remission, but Bownik still was sick.
  • His cancer, however, has been in remission ever since.
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