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in rehearsal meaning

"in rehearsal" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    a stage of development in the production of a play, opera, or concert, involving many rehearsals.
       The play is in rehearsal now and will open next month.
       While the opera was still in rehearsal, the star developed a hatred for the director.
  • Just in rehearsals . mami was really sick
  • Just like in rehearsals, gentlemen
  • When she arched her back in rehearsal, we did see her nipples
  • To such lengths did she go in rehearsal that two actors walked out
  • The rest of cast has been in rehearsal since late May.
  • In rehearsal we never talked specifically about what happened to him.
  • In rehearsals, Whoopi Goldberg hams it up with Miss Piggy.
  • Redden himself saw only small parts of the opera in rehearsal.
  • I see it in rehearsal, when the adrenaline starts pumping.
  • But there have been much more dramatic things happen in rehearsals.
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