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in care meaning

"in care" in a sentence

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  • 1. (of a child) in the guardianship of a local authority or other official organization
    2. (of an elderly person) in an old people's home or geriatric ward


  • You have been over head and ears in care for him.
  • What i have done has been in care of you.
  • Address my mail in care of the chinese embassy.
  • Our little woman's life is not consumed in care for others.
  • Inadequate knowledge and skills in care-giving tasks
  • Thermostatic mixing valves for use in care establishments
  • Fire safety in care homes for older people and children
  • With at least 2yrs experience in caring of children
  • Traditional culture in caring for life and modern leisure idea
  • You can send the letter in care of mr . robinson
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