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in business meaning

"in business" in a sentence
  • 1. Working, esp in commerce
    2. Able to proceed

  • [American slang]
    operating; equipped or ready to operate.
       We're in business now, and things are running smoothly.
       Now it works. Now we're in business.
  • He got a good start in business.
  • I know him otherwise than in business.
  • I'm majoring in business administration in college.
  • Her father set her up in business.
  • He did his work in business way.
  • He had a long head, he should do well in business.
  • You must cultivate people who can help you in business.
  • He is no longer in business.
  • He set up in business and soon had a good connection.
  • He is honest in business.
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