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in all meaning

Synonyms of "in all""in all" in a sentence

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  • Adverb: in all
    1. With everything included or counted
      - altogether, all told

  • [American slang]
    adv. phr. 1. All being counted; altogether. You have four apples and I have three bananas, making seven pieces of fruit in all. In all we did very well. 2. See: ALL IN ALL2.


  • There's such a thing as moderation in all matters.
  • He won high marks in all his examinations.
  • He won high ratings in all his examinations.
  • This is the brightest day in all my years.
  • They can grow in all mouse strain.
  • The mayor decried gambling in all its forms.
  • She has taken an active part in all past contests.
  • We called in all kinds of experts.
  • The crowd in a panic fled in all directions ..
  • Trick herself out in all her finery.
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