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in a zone meaning

"in a zone" in a sentence

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  • [American slang]
    adv., slang, informal In a daze; in a daydream; in a state of being unable to concentrate. Professor Smith puts everyone in a zone.


  • Such low velocities are usually seen only near the surface in a zone called the weathered layer or the low-velocity layer.
  • Work with the user control in a zone as a true
  • Object that contains all the controls in a zone
  • That renders verbs in a zone s footer area
  • Creates the set of child controls contained in a zone
  • The same edit verb is used for all controls in a zone
  • Is not currently contained in a zone
  • Control and places it in a zone
  • Whenever any of these controls are placed in a zone, the
  • Controls in a zone to normal size
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