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  • Noun: Ian Wilmut
    1. English geneticist involved with the first successful cloning of a sheep from a cell from an adult ewe (born in 1944)
      - Wilmut

    Type of: geneticist

    Encyclopedia: Ian Wilmut


  • Dr ian wilmut, the brition responsible for cloning dolly, has joined the campaign against human cloning, saying it is too risky
  • Dr . Ian Wilmut made 277 attempts before having any success.
  • We phoned up the road to inform Ian Wilmut and Dr . Campbell,
  • Co-authors include Dolly cloner Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute in Scotland.
  • Then came Dolly, the sheep that Ian Wilmut cloned in Scotland from udder cells.
  • Dian Fossey, Brian Gibson ( director ) and Sir Ian Wilmut are alumni / ae.
  • Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute said Monday at a genetics forum at the University of Louisville.
  • Not that Ian Wilmut was even thinking of deserting his laboratory as a free-agent cloner of the best athletes.
  • The paradox was that Ian Wilmut, Dolly's creator, was looking only for a better way to make pharmaceuticals.
  • Why would you make another human being ? " said Ian Wilmut, one of the scientists who cloned the sheep.
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