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hydramnios meaning

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  • Noun: hydramnios
    1. An abnormality of pregnancy; accumulation of excess amniotic fluid

    Type of: abnormalcy [US], abnormality

    Encyclopedia: Hydramnios

  • [Medicine]
    Excess of amniotic fluid greater than 2,000 ml. It is a common obstetrical complication whose major causes include maternal diabetes,chromosomal disorders,isoimmunological disease,congenital abnormalities,and multiple gestations. also hy·dram·ni·on n : excessive accumulation of the amniotic fluid —called also polyhydramnioshy·dram·ni·ot·ic adj


  • hydramnios and fetus anomaly
  • Objective : to discuss the relationship between hydramnios and fetus anomaly
  • Method : the clinical informations of 153 hydramnios cases were reviewed in our hospital since 1997
  • Conclusions : the key measure for treatment of hydramnios was early diagnosis of the fetus whether any malformation was existed or not
  • Using an ultrasound, Pallister-Killian may be diagnosed through observation of hypertelorism, broad neck, shorts limbs, abnormal hands or feet, diaphragmatic hernia, and hydramnios.
  • Its verdict on amniotic fluid : An excessive amount, called hydramnios, is commonly associated with some of the most severe congenital problems-- like hydrocephalus, microcephaly, spina bifida, cleft palate, Down syndrome and deformed extremities.

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